MinerOss Putty with Cortical & Cancellous Chips, 0.5cc

Item #: MIN-PT0.5

MinerOss® Putty is uniquely a 100% allograft that includes a powerful combination of mineralized cortical/cancellous chips with demineralized cortical fibers for optimal implant site development. MinerOss® Putty offers an all natural carrier, cohesive handling characteristics and a high mineral content.

MinerOss® Putty is designed for enhanced regenerative capacity. Mineralized allograft chips have been proven to provide a natural scaffold to support new bone formation and demineralized allograft bone has been proven to stimulate bone regeneration.  The combination of both has been shown to significantly generate more mean vital bone and less residual graft material in as little as 18 weeks1.


1. Histologic Healing Following Tooth Extraction With Ridge Preservation Using Mineralized Versus Combined Mineralized-Demineralized Freeze-Dried Bone Allograft: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial. Borg T and Mealey BL. J Periodontol 2015;86:348-355.

Container Syringe
Size 0.5cc
Origin Allograft

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